Laurie Sparham Photography


Laurie started his career in photography as a photojournalist. His work took him to many countries, with assignments in Japan, China and the USA for the Sunday Times Magazine. He has also worked for Time, Newsweek, The Telegraph Magazine and The Independent in Eastern Europe. In 1989 his body of work from Northern Ireland was published in the book Still War, described by Colin Jacobson picture editor of the Independent Magazine as “Documentary photography at it’s best – imaginative, comprehensive, confident and concerned.” Later he covered the Tamil Tigers in remote areas of eastern Sri Lanka, and photographed the ANC in exile shortly before Mandela’s release.

Quite early in his career he won the American Art Directors Silver Award for his coverage of life in Cuban Prisons, a photo-essay that was published in Life Magazine and given wide coverage throughout the international media. Later that year he received a world press Award for the story.

After assignments to cover Bernardo Bertolucci's films The Last Emperor and Little Buddha during shooting, Laurie began to specialise in cinema. Since the mid nineties he has worked on over 50 feature films, and 20 television dramas. He finds working on a movie set has many parallels with reportage photography – one must be extremely patient, be quiet, and relatively unseen, and then finally, quick and precise when the moment arrives.

In his cinema work he has specialised in both stills and editorial specials shoots, on movies as diverse as Stephen Frear’s “The Queen”,”Elizabeth The Golden Age”, and” The Golden Compass” with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. Most recently he has completed work on a Dustin Hoffman Emma Thompson two hander –“Last Chance Harvey”. His work has been seen on the posters of many films including, Cate Blanchette in”Elizabeth The Golden Age”,“Shakespeare in Love”,” Little Voice”,”24/7”.”Britz”, ”Love Labours Lost” and ”The Golden Compass”.

STILLS PHOTOGRAPHER / Production Stills & Poster/ Specials Images. CV.

2008. “BRIGHTSTAR” Dir. Jane Campion
2008. “THE DAMNED UNITED” Dir. Tom Hooper
2007. “LAST CHANCE HARVEY” Dir. Joel Hopkins.
2007. “BATTLE FOR HADITHA” Dir. Nick Broomfield. Specials
2007. “BRITZ” Dir. Peter Kosminsky Specials
2006/7. “The GOLDEN COMPASS” Dir. Chris Weitz
2006. “THE GOLDEN AGE” Dir. Shekhar Kapur.
2006. “PENELOPE” Dir. Mark Palansky.
2005. “THE GOODNIGHT” Dir. Jake Paltrow.
2005. “THE QUEEN” Dir. Stephen Frears.
2005. “BREAKING & ENTERING” Dir. Anthony Minghella
2005. “AS YOU LIKE IT” Dir. Kenneth Branagh.
2005. “KINKY BOOTS” Dir.Julian Jarrold.
2004. “THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR” Dir. P.Kosminsky.
2004. “PARADISE NOW” Dir. Hani Abu Assad.
2004. “WHERE THE TRUTH LIES” Dir. Atom Egoyan.
2004. “HITCHIKERS GUIDE To The GALAXY” Dir.G.Jennings.
2004. “BRIDGET JONES-ON THE EDGE” Dir. Beeban Kidron.
2003. “WIMBLEDON” Dir. Richard Loncraine.
2003. “TRAUMA” Dir. Mark Evans.
2003. “LIFE & DEATH of PETER SELLARS” Specials Shoot.
2002. “CHEEKY” Dir. David Thewlis.
2002. “THE LOST PRINCE” Dir. Stephen Poliakoff.
2002. “DANIEL DERONDA” Dir. Tom Hooper.
2002. “TO KILL A KING” Dir. Mike Barker.
2001. “DIRTY PRETTY THINGS” Dir. Stephen Frears.
2001. “HEARTLANDS” Dir. Damien O’Donnell.
2001. “ABOUT A BOY” Dir. Chris & Paul Weitz.
2001. “CARBON MIRANDA” Dir. Marc Munden.
2000. “KILLING ME SOFTLY” Dir. Chen Kaige.
2000. “THE FINAL CURTAIN” Dir. Pat Harkins.
1999. “SORTED” Dir, Alex Jovy.
1999. “BLOW DRY” Dir. Paddy Breathnach.
1999. “PARANOID” Dir. John Duigan.
1999. “LOVES LABOURS LOST” Dir. Ken Branagh.
1998. “ELEPHANT JUICE” Dir, Sam Miller.
1998. “SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE “Dir. John Madden.
1997. “LITTLE VOICE” Dir. Mark Herman.
1997. “I WANT YOU” Dir. Michael Winterbottom.
1997. “ALL THE LITTLE ANIMALS” Dir. Jeremy Thomas.
1997. “TWENTY FOUR SEVEN” Dir. Shane Meadows.
1996. “B MONKEY” Dir. Michael Radford.
1996. “WELCOME TO SARAJEVO” Dir. M. Winterbottom.
1996. “FEVER PITCH” Dir. David Evans.
1995. “A FURTHER GESTURE” Dir. Robert Dornhelm.
1994. “VICTORY” Dir. Mark Peploe.

1992. “LITTLE BUDDHA” Dir Bernardo Bertolucci. 5 Weeks on set in Nepal and Bhutan.
1986. “THE LAST EMPEROR” Dir, Bernardo Bertolucci. 6 weeks on set. Cover story for Sunday Times Magazine.

1991.Essay on Islam within New York’s State Prisons.
1991. Essay on Broadway New York’s Theatreland fo La Republica.
1990. Essay on New Technologies in Japan for The Sunday Times Magazine.

“STILL WAR” Photographic Book on the Nationalist Community in Northern Ireland.

1986. World Press Award for a photoessay about the Cuban Prison System. 2 Month shoot for Life and Stern Magazines.
1987. US. Art Directors Silver award for Cuban Prison photos.

1987. “Coastal Fishing in Britain”.
1989. Contributor to Zelda Cheetle Gallery Eastern Europe show pictures from Hungary, Croatia, and Bosnia.

1995. Directed a Channel Four 30 minute Documentary “A Weekend With Miss Martindale”
2002. Two trips to Syria to Photograph Rural Aid Programs.